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What is Brum Freed ?

A web calendar to help people around Birmingham meet, act, and re-appropriate politics. Brum Freed is independent of all organizations or parties and covers a large range of topics and political sensibilities of the alternative and radical left (see our publishing guidelines).

Brum Freed is part of the Demosphere network that originated in Paris and now spans several countries.
The network's website: https://demosphere.net
Create a calendar for your region : https://demosphere.net/en/content/create-your-…

Who makes Brum Freed ?

Volunteers, on their free time. We don't take any grants.
Feel free too join us !
You can contact us here : contacext@brum.demosexphere.net

Why this site ?

To aggregate information that was previously scattered and to provide a practical tool for event organizers that want to promote their events. By offering a large range of topics and political sensibilities, Brum Freed can help break barriers between different protest movements.

Can I submit an event ?

Yes, we encourage everybody to submit their events.
More details on our publishing guidelines, here.

How can I display Brum Freed on my web site ?

Instructions here:

Where does your information come from ?

More information here:

Can I trust information on this site ?

We try hard to check all of the information we publish, however, we can't guarantee it is all valid. We try to cite our sources on each event we publish so that you can double check and make your own opinion on the validity of the published information. Feel free to contact event organizers and please tell us if you notice any problems in the information we have published (contacext@brum.demosexphere.net). That would be a great help to other visitors of our website.

Can I copy the information you have published ?

Sure, as long as it is for non-profit purposes. If you republish information found thanks to our website, we request that you display in a clear and visible manner that the information you are publishing comes from our website. We also request that you include a link to the page on our site where you found that information.

To help you display our site's events on your website, we have created configurable RSS feeds and an iCalendar feed. If the format of this data is not what you need, please contact us so that we can supply you with a customized format.

What are user calendars ?

You can create your own custom calendar by selecting events that you like. This selection can be published so that you can share it with others. More information here.

What software do you use ?

Démosphère is open source software developed by the Demosphere network.
More information here : https://demosphere.net/en/content/software

Calendars are hosted on dedicated servers running GNU/Linux (Debian).