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Saturday 13 October 2018 at 8:00

Brum goes to Feminist Antifa Oppose DFLA

Join us to attend the Feminist to the Front anti-fascist mobilisation in London on Saturday Oct 13th to counter the sexist narratives of the far right as the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) are on the streets. (see:…)

We'll be travelling as a group in the morning to London and back together in the evening after the demo. We have organised transport - please get in touch through our e-mail ( or our Facebook page if you want a ticket to travel with us. Please let us know your name and number of tickets you need. Alternatively, organise your own transport and we'll see you there!

All genders welcome but there will be a specifically feminist block at the front for women and non-binary people. Men are welcome to go behind that block or help out with the childcare and cooking to support the event (please let us know if this is your plan).…

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