iCal feed

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With the iCalendar feed you can view / import Demosphere events directly into your usual calendar software.

The full feed's address is: https://brum.demosphere.net/events.ics
That feed includes all of the site's events. If you only want some of them, try the following tool.

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Build your own custom iCalendar feed:

Only show events having this topic.
Only show events that happen in this city / district.
Select events at this place

map disabled

If you select this option, only events that are inside a circle will be included. You can move the center of the circle on the map, and also change the size of the circle.
Only events that happen inside the red circle will be included. This distance is the radius of the circle. It is expressed in kilometers. You can use the + and - buttons to enlarge or shrink the circle.
The center of the circle. Move the red marker on the map to set this field.
More options

Feed url:

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iCalendar format

(Wikipedia article)

iCalendar is used and supported by a large number of products, including Google Calendar, Apple Calendar (formerly iCal), IBM Notes (formerly Lotus Notes),Yahoo! Calendar, Evolution (software), eM Client, Lightning extension for Mozilla Thunderbird and SeaMonkey, and partially by Microsoft Outlook and Novell GroupWise.

Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICalendar